Addiction Patients Suffer as Colorado Lacks Treatment Facilities

Pierre Cardin Lacivert Garnili Tüllü Uzun Abiye ElbiseThe lack of resources for the addiction treatment is proving costly for the people of Colorado. The loopholes in the addiction treatment programs have left people in the state grappling with substance use disorders lost and bewildered. Colorado happened to be among the states hit badly by the opioid epidemic. Following a crackdown by the authorities, the prescription drug menace was controlled somewhat. However, it saw a jump in heroin and IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü cocaine abuse. In 2016, around 174 people died in overdosing incidents in Denver alone.

Unlike other states, Colorado has still not geared up to deal with the challenge of serious imbalance between the patient load and the availability of medical services. Though users want treatment, they are not able to avail it at the state's treatment facilities. These centers are not equipped and staffed enough to treat the requisite number of patients. According to the Colorado Health Institute, of the 22,000 people addicted to opioids in Colorado, only 4,000 received treatment for opioid addiction.

The Denver Health Medical Center's narcotic treatment program has estimated its capacity somewhere around 3,000 patients a given year upon the institution of the requisite resources. Unfortunately, with that not happening, the program has only 550 patients in its care. For the scores of people looking for treatment, lining outside and awaiting their chance, Iqos fiyat the rejection leaves them disappointed. Many of those sent back home could end up relapsing again.

What ails Colorado?

An analysis by the Keystone Policy Center reveals the vast gaps in treatment options in the various counties in Colorado. It highlights the discrepancies in treatment options in the state. For a person living with a drug addiction problem, the treatment options could range from the residential clinics and the outpatient rehabilitation centers to detoxification and methadone clinics. It reveals through a detailed map that counties like Dolores, San Juan, Mineral, Gilpin and Hinsdale had no access to any form of treatment despite the severity of the opioid epidemic. Most of the counties had access to one form of treatment. The only counties with access to all the forms of treatment were La Plata, Mesa, Fremont, Larimer, Alamosa, iqos etc.

While residential treatment centers are expensive, a preferable form of treatment available to the masses in Colorado is methadone and the buprenorphine clinics spread across the state. According to the Denver Post's Jennifer Brown, ever since insurer Medicaid started coverage for methadone treatment in 2014, IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü the number of such clinics more than doubled - from 11 to 23.

Pierre Cardin Lacivert Payetli Uzun Balık Abiye ElbiseThe buprenorphine and methadone clinics can play a vital role in alleviating the gap between patient load and medical care for addiction. Buprenorphine - a drug used widely for stabilizing people with opioid addiction - has partial opioid effects and unlike methadone it can be prescribed even outside a clinical setting. However, it requires eight hours of training, which is a matter of concern due to the paucity of resources.

Another hotly debated provision is the existence of safe injection sites, where a person can do drugs under the watchful eyes of medical personnel, which provide life-saving drugs like naloxone. This can save users from fatal drug overdose. Through the Senate Bill 40, Colorado may soon have such a facility. However, its detractors claim that such centers will only exacerbate the epidemic.

Fight against addiction

While the above change is impending, it is necessary for the state lawmakers and the citizens alike to be vigilant against drug dealers and all those responsible for stoking the current crisis. Rather than short-term measures, the Colorado authority should bring long-lasting progressive changes to overcome the gaps in addiction treatment.

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