Cancers you can get from smoking

You could get throat cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer you could even get cancer in your oesophagus.

What cancers are you most likely to get from smoking?
The most common from smoking is Lung Cancer.

What cancer does smoking cause?
All cancers!

What can almost all lung cancers be prevented by?
Not smoking!

What are the main cancers by smoking?
Lung cancers, larynx cancer, mouth cancer; see also the link below.

What disease is known to be caused by smoking?
Cigarette smoking can cause several different cancers, it is estimated that 23% of cancer deaths in women, and iqos 38% of cancer deaths in men are attributable to smoking. The cancers that can result from smoking include lung, head, neck, esophageal, breast, pancreatic, colorectal, bladder, and cervical.

Tongue and types of oral cancers?
chewing tobacco and smoking

What do lung cancers and emphysema have in common?
Both are caused by smoking.

What are some cancers smokers can get after smoking?
lung,bladder cancer

What can smoking do to your heart?
It can cause heart cancers and damage lungs too.

What is the bad drug and why is it bad?
smoking because it can cause cancer and cancers

What kind of cancers can you get from smoking?
lung cancer, probably skin cancer

What are internal effects of smoking?
cancers, most probably lung cancer

What are the Cancers that smoking causes?
Lung cancer and mouth cancer, definitely.

Does smoking cause any cancer?
Smoking causes several cancers. (eg.: iqos zararlari lung cancer, oral cavity, pancreas)

How smoking affects the appendix?
Smoking can indirectly affect the appendix. Smoking restricts blood flow to all the organs, including the appendix. Gastrointestinal cancers which are linked to smoking can also influence the appendix.

What are some of the main causes of cancer?
Most cancers are hereditary desieses but some cancers such as skin Cancer and Lung cancer can be caused by the sun or by smoking.

How do you get rid of black lips from weed smoking?
Why would you want to get rid of lip and mouth cancers - aren't they cute. STOP SMOKING!

Impact of smoking?
Smoking can have a great impact on your health. It can cause various cancers such as lung cancer and your risk for stroke is much higher.

What cancers are caused by smoking pipes and cigars?
Lung cancer is the primary type. Throat and mouth cancer are also caused by smoking.

How many Types of cancers caused by smoking?
1000000 types 1000000 types

What cancers are caused by smoking?
things like lung cancer and throat cancer

How many percent lung cancers in the world are caused by smoking?
Approximately 80%.

What are the types of cancers related to smoking tobacco?
Lung cancer not sure what else

Disease coming from smoking?
There are many, Emphysema & Lung Cancers are the most common

How many cancers can smoking cause?
Technically smoking doesn't 'cause' the *cancer* it causes our body to stop fighting the cancers. We have cancer in us all the time but our body fights it off. Smoking disrupts that process and eventually a cancer gets through. So any part of the body that smoking effects can get cancer... usually lungs, mouth, throat areas are the most likely to be effected, but smoking can literally raise your chances of ANY cancer that your...

Can you get cancer by quitting smoking?
The causes of cancer are unknown. Smoking increases the chances of getting some cancers. Stopping smoking therefore decreases the risk. However it does not guarantee that you will not get cancer.

What is the percentage that smoking causes cancer?
The question is poor;y phrased. Do you mean the percentage of smokers who get cancer is so mouth cancer, lung cancer, oesophagal cancer, or any cancer. the percentage of cancers that are smoking related (again, cancers of what organs?).

How many people die a year from smoking related diseases?
around 500,000 a year from lung cancer and other cancers caused from smoking.

What are 3 different types of cancers that are caused by smoking?
Lung, Stomach, and Mouth cancer

What are the risks associated with smoking in women?
The general dangers of smoking include increased risk of lung diseases, cancers and heart diseases. However, some studies suggest that women are generally more susceptible to the cancers caused by smoking. Female smokers also tend to suffer a greater loss in life expectancy compared to males.

Does smoking prevent cardiovascular disease?
It may, however it can also lead to cancers of which can lead to death. Some people find smoking to calm them down.

Is cigarette smoke bad for you?
Smoking is bad for you. it increases the risk of several nasty kinds of cancers.

What cancers can smoking cause?
lung mainly also teeth, mouth toungue and many more

The top three cancers that sre caused by smoking?
ovarian, tecticular, and lung cancer, your welcome!

What are 4 diseases related to smoking?
Emphysema Lung Disease Heart Disease Various Cancers

Can smoking cause tumor problems?
Yes. While smoking has not been proven to CAUSE cancers and tumors, the statistical correlation between long-term smoking and lung cancer is too well established to ignore.

Can some types of cancers be avoided?
Yes you can avoid lung cancer by not smoking or being around smokers.

How many types of cancer can you get from smoking?
The act of smoking allows toxins to invade the body. Many forms of cancer can come from smoking. Lung cancer is most typically associated with smoking, although bladder, colon, and throat cancer are amongst forms of cancers that can be caused from smoking as well.

What Percentage of people with lung cancer are affected?
Smoking causes more than 85% of lung cancer and other cancers. There are other ways to get it too, but smoking is a big deal when it comes to lung cancer. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!

What are most lung cancers caused by?
Almost 90% of all lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoking. Other causes include secondhand smoke and exposure to asbestos and other occupation-related substances.

Is chewing tobacco less dangerous then smoking tobacco?
Chewing tobacco has carcinogenic's that can cause cancers to form in the mouth and throat whereas smoking affects your lungs and mouth. Both bad. Smoking will affect others around you though.

List 3 different types of cancer that are caused by smoking?
Three different cancers caused by smoking include lung cancer, mouth cancer, and cancer of the larynx. Many other types of cancer have been linked to smoking.

What are the health risks associated with pipe smoking?
While pipe smoking is seen as less risky than cigarette smoking, there are still health risks. These include cancers of the lungs and mouth, COPD, heart disease, and erectile dysfunction.

What is a minor birth defect?
We all should know that smoking is one of the major causes of birth defects and cancers.

What is the relationship between lung and mouth cancer?
the relationship between the two are they both have to deal with smoking and both are cancers

Chances of getting cancer from smoking?
Smoking cigarettes greatly increases your chances of getting cancer over somebody else who is a non-smoker. It is highly recommended that you quit smoking to lessen your risks of lung, throat, and other mouth cancers.

True or false all lung cancers are caused by smoking?
False. About 60% are caused by smoking. The rest are caused by a variety of things, most commonly the spreading of cancer from other parts of the body (which may also have been caused by smoking).

What percentage of liver cancers are caused by certain reasons?
All cancers are caused due to a reason. There are many reasons why cancers occur some are apparent such as smoking, IQOS Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü binge drinking or drinking to excess, a bad lifestyle, old age, genetic make-up and there are some that seem to have no apparent cause.

What are the dangers of smoking and passive smoking?
Lung cancer is the most serious risk and danger of smoking, and smoking around other people puts them at risk for this deadly cancer as well. Other serious health threats caused by smoking include emphysema, hypertension, Iqos 2.4 and other types of cancers like throat cancer or mouth cancer.

Is mouth cancer a communicable disease?
No. Mouth cancer is often the result of a chronic habit/addiction, such as chewing tobacco or smoking a pipe (although some mouth cancers arise spontaneously). Cancers, however, are not communicable from person to person.

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