How can you cure a cough

cough drops

How do you cure a dogs cough?
Well you can not cure a dogs cough but if it is really real then you need to see a vet and they can help you.

What are the illness that mayana can cure?
mayana can cure cough

What helps green cough in warriors?
the herbs of warrior iqos 3 multi cats that help stop green cough and stop green cough are: Cat mint: best known cure for green cough. May not stop green cough but helps. Helps stop white cough, witch leads to green cough. Chick Weed: can be used to cure cough. SPOILER!!!! when the need ran out of cat mint Bluestar caught green cough and she had to use chick weed. Also helps cure BLACK COUGH!?!?!?

Can pomelo peeling extract cure cough?
Pomelo peeling extract can be used to cure cough. It can also be used to cure indigestion and nausea, as well as reduce body fats.

Does penicillin cure kennel cough in dogs?
Kennel cough is highly contagious and can be bacterial and or a virus. Penicillin can often cure kennel cough when treated quickly but occassional your dog will need a series of antibiotics when it is a serious case.

How can you cure smokers cough?
By quitting smoking. Otherwise, iqos smokers cough will persist if you still smoke.

Is there a cure for whooping cough?
It can be treated with antibiotics.

How do you cure whooping cough?
Go to the doctor.

What is the Best way to cure a cough?
The best way is to drink warm black current and not speak.Also try not to cough because it can hurt your chest.Honey and lemon is a good cure aswell.

How long will it take to cure a cough?
The time it will take to cure a cough depends on its cause. A cough from a mild upper respiratory infection generally goes away within seven to fourteen days. Cough from pertussis could last three months. Cough due to chronic bronchitis or cystic fibrosis could last years.

The oil of which tree helps cures cough and cold?
EUCALYPTUS is the best medicine to cure the cough and cold

Curing a cough?
There are multiple ways to cure a cough. Some ways include: Drinking lots of fluids (especially water) Take cough syrup Take cough drops

How does calamansi cure cough?
Just drink you moron!

Is there a cure for smokers cough?
yes there is, Dont SMOKE

Can taking halls cough drop cure a sore throat?
I don't know if Hall's Cough Drops has an herbal formula, so I don't think it can cure a sore throat. Herbal cough drops with echinacea and goldenseal are an excellent remedy though when taken with herbal capsules as well.

Where is whooping cough located?
Whooping cough is a disease that affects the lungs and airways of the body. A deep cough starts and gets progressively worse and is very hard to stop and cure.

How do you cure a cough?
pat the person on the back and let them sleep and rest !

What happens if you don't cure whooping cough?
You whoop your head off.

What can cure a sore throat and stop the coughing?
Cough medicine and calpol. :)

Does clarithromycin help cure the whooping cough?
No. The drug of choice is Erythromycin.

Why you cant cure cold cough by medicine?
You cannot cure a dry cold cough with over the counter medicine well because they do not have opiates in them. The DXM is part of morphine but it lacks the components to silence a painful dry cough, it dose make it not as bad. But in a bad case of a cold cough sometimes its best to go to the doctor and get some prescription cough medicine if its keeping you from resting. The...

What is a sentence with rasping in it?
Chronic bronchitis can lead to a rasping cough that is difficult to cure.

Is Levolin syrup anti biotic?
No, Its not an antibiotic, it is used to cure dry cough.

What fruit you need to eat to cure cough?
you eat atleast 1 of the following fruits: apple, orange, kiwi, guava, lemon 1 week before you have a cough. Again, 1 week BEFORE you have a cough.

What food should be taken to cure cough?
A good balanced diet is essential to everyone. A cough, like all other symptons, needs to be assessed by your GP.

What is a cure for dry cough?
Here are some ways to cure a dry cough: Eat almond butter Gargle salt water Drink LOTS of fluids Try luke warm tea with honey. Honey and milk mixed together work wonders

Simple sentence using the word cure?
Cure used as a noun: Penicillin was the first cure for many bad infections. That clinic says they have a cure for baldness. Cure used as a verb: Honey will make a cough feel better but it will not cure it. You can cure meat and fish by keeping it in salt. You cure concrete by keeping it damp. You cure rubber and tobacco by fermentation.

What is the best cure for a dry cough?
Your physician may give you some syrup preparation with codeine or preferably with noscapine and some antihistamine preparation like diphenhydramine or CPM. That will not reduce the frequency of cough probably. It will but change your attitude about the cough, probably. So that you will no longer bother about the cough.

How do you stop a horses cough?
How to stop a cough depends on what is causing it. Coughs can be due to respiratory infections, allergies or simple inhaled irritants. You need to determine the cause to determine the cure.

How do you cure a sore throat as a teen?
Gargle with some salt water to cure your sore throat, or ask your pharmacist if they have a remedy for you, also you can suck on some cough drops.

What is the best cure for a baby's cough?
It would depend on what kind of Cough, if its an allergy Cough something like dimetapp would help but it would depend so you would probably have to go to your local medication store and ask a pharmacist or ask your doctor.

How do you cure cough?
Yes. There are ways to reduce the severity of a cough. Try taking cough medicine. You need to find the cause of the cough before it can be treated. Mucous production from a cold that runs down the back of the throat, a sore throat from a bacterial infection, and many more. See the doctor for more help.

A cure for a cough?
put a gob of vicks vapo rub on your feet and then put socks on, works everytime!

What is a cure for coughs?
All I can say is go to the store and get cough strips/medicine, or take a break and rest

How do you cure a long-lasting horrible cough?
Go and see a qualified medical practitioner (a Doctor).

What is the natural remedy to cure cough?
We get cold which accompanies with bad cough and mucus in our lungs. We pop capsules, blend tea, and throw back containers of cold meds however these normally will fade the symptoms temporarily but not permanently. So, there are new medicines which we take to cure our cold (What's more, vanishing about as fast… )

Cure a cough?
boil mint leaves and lemon in water then add honey to sweeten it. Works all the time trust me!

What is a What are fact for heroin?
Heroin was marketed as a cough medicine and a cure for morphine addiction and was once sold over the counter in the U.S.!!!

Which remedy was used to cure a cough or sore throat in Tudor times?
To swallow live spiders in butter. Gross, right?

How do people in Switzerland adapt to their environment?
They use coffee for cough drops and llama poo, which is very common, to cure the common cold.

What was the medieval cure for whooping cough?
people stuck a pipe down their throat and when the did they would put water on their neck. crazy but true

Do guava leaves cure a cough?
let's see.i hv started using it today.will tell u after 4-5 days.

You have 24 X 7 times cold cough please tell you the solution?
The solution is: Quit looking for the cure on the internet, and consult a doctor.

What is the best otc cure for strep throat?
Gargle with salt water, use chloraseptic spray and sucrets will help, horehound cough drops

What are the antibodies found in human serum?
Antibody is a humminity system of our body.the antibody is stop or eat or cough antigen and cure or stop to the diasses.

Can water cure a cough?
Water has no known medicinal benefit, but can act as a therapeutic way to help the symptoms associated with a cough. Dryness, hoarseness and throat pain can all be relieved by drinking water. In addition, consuming water may help to moisten the trachea/throat and wash away the mucous that accumulates during a cough,

How do you cure hoarse voice?
>>>Allergy Drink WARM milk, then cough & cough 'til you choke something up. >>>Sickness Get some thick cough medicine, eat HOT chicken noodle soup, coughing helps too, if that doesn't work, go see a local doctor, you might just have a sore throat infection.

How do you cure tonsillist?
when i had it, i used cough surup and things like that. Go to your nearest doctor, and ask for some medicine. You could also use Penicillin

What is the best thing to help sooth pot smokers cough?
Stop smoking pot is the only way to cure it and nothing helps sooth it sorry.

What is the medicinal use of santol?
we know that santol is "maasim" right? so that, santol is possible to cure cough and iqos heets cesitleri colds because, it can keep our body warm because of the vitamins contaning of this fruit, its have an omega power Iqos 3 lacivert and 100% natural.Against cough, it kills 70% of bacteria causing cold and cough. that all,, hope u understand my explanation.

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