How long to live with SECONDARY liver cancer

1 year agoSecondary liver cancer is much more common than other forms of liver cancer. Each person is different, but one can expect to live can only be based on general health, how much of the liver has been affected, whether or not the cancer has spread, and the treatment options you have been given.

Lung cancer spread to liver how long can you live?
how long are you expected to live once lung cancer has spread to the liver

Does secondary cancer mean you have not got long to live?
Secondary cancer occurs when cancer cells from the primary site break away and spread to another part of the body. No, secondary cancer does not necessarily mean that you have not got long to live, but in truth nobody knows the life expectation of someone with secondary cancer.

How long do you live after liver and kidneys shut down?
My uncle died of cancer this year and he has 6 month or less to live

What are the long term affects of hepatitis?
There are rarely long-term affects associated with hepatitis A. May develop liver problems including liver failure and cancer of the liver. Chronic Hepatitis, liver failure and liver cancer.

What is the Life expectancy of liver cancer patient?
The life expectancy of a liver cancer patient is dependent upon the progression of the liver cancer. When the liver cancer is caught in the early stages it can be cured, resulting in a long life expectancy.

What is a long lasting liver problem?
liver cancer XD

How long can your dad live with stage 4 liver cancer?
Let to God decide,how many days.Only prayers are good in this stage

How long did Joe Frazier live with cancer?
He had liver cancer and he was in serious condition, Joe was 67 years old and lived with his cancer 4-5 weeks than he died so he left pretty fast. :(

How long with liver cancer?
your whole life

What is the life expectancy of someone with liver cancer that has mestatis?
Basically no one knows how long a person can live with liver cancer. If something is not done, and iqos 3 fast, the answer is not long. One woman lived 2 months after diagnosis. Good luck on getting a living donor for a liver transplant. It takes the donor's liver 6 weeks for the missing half to grow back. Do you have any friends or relatives with the same blood type?

What are examples of secondary pellagra?
Various diseases that cause prolonged diarrhea, with cirrhosis of the liver, alcoholism, long-term use of the antituberculosis drug isoniazid, those with malignant cancer or Hartnup disease.

What are long term effects of hepatitis B?
long term can cause cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver failure

How long can a person live without liver function?
how long can a person live without liver function?

How long can a canine live with liver and spleen cancer?
Age and basic health weigh in, likely 6 weeks beyond that becomes a quality of life.

How long can you live with stage 4 liver cancer?
Hi Eric, Unfortunately, iqos 3 lacivert if liver cancer is found in the final stages it might be hard to fix especially if it has become metastatic. A liver transplant is usually the only way to survive. The following are the symptoms of final stage of liver cancer Cirrhosis,Jaundice,Metastasized,Fever,Lo… of Appetite,Pain.sleep. you can get more information about every stages of liver cancer. from website this might help you know what you are going to face during the rest...

How long will you live if you get lung cancer?
if someone has ling cancer, how long do they have to live

What type of cancer is possible with heavy drinking?
Liver Cancer is a long-term effect of heavy drinking.

Can you live with out a liver?
Not for long.

Why does liver cancer have a high mortality rate?
The long period between the beginning of the tumor's growth and the first signs of illness is the major reason why liver cancer has such a high mortality rate.

How long will you live with stage four lung cancer?
how long can a person with lung and brain cancer live?

What are some long term effects of having melanoma?
If its an advanced stage of melanoma, then there is a possible occurence of metastasis where some of the cancer cells can break away from the primary tumor and cause other secondary tumors in the body, e.g. in the lung or iqos 2.4 liver.

How long does a patient with stage 4 cancer live?
A patient with stage 4 cancer will live varying amounts of time. How long they live depends on if their cancer is treatable or not, and where the cancer is located. Some may live weeks, others may live years.

How long can you live without a liver and doctors saying all they can do is make you comfortable?
You Cant Live Without Your Liver!

How long will you live when your liver is failing?
without a liver transplant you have 10-40% chance to live if you do what your doctor says

How long can you live with cancer of the pancreas?
can people live with cancer of the pancreas with treatment?

What will happen to someone if they chose to be an alcoholic forever?
If someone chooses to be an alcoholic forever, they'll die of liver cancer. Not necessarily cancer but definitely liver disease such as liver cirrhosis. Long-term over use of alcohol can also cause pancreatitis.

How long do you live with terminal cancer?
Each person that has terminal cancer has a different time frame of how long they will live. Some people will have weeks to live or months to live.

What happens if you don't treat hepatitis B?
It is a virus and can lead to long term liver infections and liver cancer if untreated. A vaccine is available.

How long can you live without a liver?
A human being cannot live more than a few minutes without a functioning liver. During a liver transplant operation, a machine substitutes the function of the liver

How did Dave Thomas die?
Long battle with liver cancer that he had before his massive heart attack.

How long can you live with out a liver?
I do not know exactly how long, but if you don't have a liver, you're pretty much dead. A liver filters your blood, if you have dirty blood you will get sick and die. NOT AN EXPERT

How long do liver flukes live?
Until you die.

What are 3 long terms effects of alcohol on the body?
liver damage loss of brain cells cancer of the throat liver and stomach weakening of your heart alcoholism

How long do you have to live with hepititus c?
Life expectancy varies, depending on whether the patient develops scarring of the liver (20% of cases), as 25% of such cases lead to liver cancer and liver failure. Diet, lifestyle, and quality of treatment can all affect the life span of a patient, as well as the availibility of liver transplants in the case of failure. As such, life expectancy is unpredictable and can range from months to decades.

Your friend is suffering from acute liver shutdown and now his kidneys are failing Can he live long enough to hope for a liver transplant?
There is no way to say for sure, and his doctor has the best idea how long he will live.

How long can you live without liver function?
With no liver function whatsoever, a couple of days, sedated in and ITU.

How long do you have if the cancer spreads to the liver?
Depends on the type of cancer and the rate that it is spreading at. This varies between each person. Its best to seek medical advice if unsure.

Need to know what secondary prostate is and how long do a patient have to live?
In Stage II prostate cancer, the cancer has not yet moved beyond the gland itself. It can still be cured at this point. So it will not affect life expectantcy. With surgery and /or radiation treatment, the chance of curing the disease is very good.

How long can you live without a liver transplant?
couple hours

When you get cancer how long will you live?
it all depends on the kind of cancer a person has and iqos the treatment for it.

When a dog is diagnosed with cancer how long do they live?
depends what the type of cancer is and how it is affecting them

How long can you live without a functioning liver?
maybe long enough to write a will.... sorry.

Can a person live without your liver?
You could but not for very long as your liver filters everything your body doesn't need

How long will you live with pancreatic cancer?
You can live 6-12 months

How long can a human survive when the liver stops functioning?
If the liver completely stops functioning, the patient has only hours to live.

Without a liver how long can a person live?
It will be about 3 days if an adult.

How long can a person live with liver damage?
Depends on how much damage.

What are the long-term effects of NuvaRing?
The long-term benefits of NuvaRing appear to be a decreased rate of certain kinds of ovarian cysts and liver tumors. It reduces the risk of cancer of the uterine lining and ovarian cancer.

1 year agoWhat hazards could be derived from long term PCB exposure?
Long term exposure to PCBs may result in liver damage and possibly also in cancer.

What happens if you have liver cancer an you drink alcohol?
Surprisingly, liver cancer is more likely to occur after a long-time alcohol abuser stops drinking. That's because as the liver quickly re-grows, malignant cells are more likely to develop. My guess would be that you would just die quicker...therefore the patient would be committing suicide.

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