Stage 4 throat cancer

Stage 4 throat cancer is very serious. It has a survival rate of 30 percent. At this stage, the cancer has spread beyond the throat.

What stage is Michael Douglas' cancer?
Stage 4 Throat Cancer.

How long can you live with stage 4 throat cancer?
You will die in 23 days (:

Stage 4 lung cancer?
female cancer stage 4

What is stage 4 lung cancer?
Stage 4 lung cancer is fatal

What can you tell me about stage 3 lung cancer?
Stage 3 lung cancer is very serious, but it is not the last stage of lung cancer. The last stage of lung cancer is stage 4.

What is Stage 4 bowel cancer?
Stage 4 bowel cancer is when the cancer has spread to other organs in the body,e.g lungs and liver

Does it hurt to have cancer?
Cancer is a shotful,throwupful,and scary attack from cancer cells so YES it hurts! If you have cancer i hope and wish you no 4! (no 4 means you don't want someone to get to stage 4 which is the last stage in cancer. stage four is where you know your going to die.) We pray for you. :)

What is stage IB2 of cervical cancer?
Stage IB2: Stage IB cancer is larger than 4 cm (1.6 in)

How long does a person live with stage 4 thyroid cancer?
My mom with stage 4 thyroid cancer has lived for 2 years.

What causes you to have a soar throat?
1) a bacterial infection of the throat. 2) a viral infection of the throat 3) physical damage to the throat 4) cancer of the throat

How long does lung cancer take to be stage 4?
Lung cancer can be already at stage 4 when it is discovered. Lung cancer sometimes spreads very rapidly. It is called stage 4 when tumor cells are present in the chest and in other parts of the body.

What kind of Cancer did Michael Crichton die from?
Cancer of the throat on November,4 2008

What is stage IB1 of cervical cancer?
Stage IB1: Cancer is no larger than 4 cm (1.6 in)

What are 4 diseases that can result from long term smoking?
lung cancer emphysema mouth cancer throat cancer

Is stage iv cancer treatable?
Stage 4 cancer is treatable. Once a person gets to state 4 cancer hardly ever go into remission due to the advancement of the disease.

Last stage of prostate cancer?
Stage 4- The cancer has spread to other organs and usually the bones as well.

What cancers can you get from smoking?
1. lung cancer 2. heart cancer 3.throat cancer 4. eye cancer 5.mouth cancer

How many stages in cancer are theeir?
There are 4 Stages of Cancer Stage 1- Cancer is small and it's affected within the organ it started in. Stage 2- Cancer affected nearby lymph nodes that have cancer cells in. Stage 3- Larger Cancer may have started spreading. Stages 4- Cancer has spread to far areas of body. I would like to suggest you to ask your doctor about your particular Cancer disease and particular stage.

Is stage 4 liver cancer contagious?
no cancers are not contagious at an stage.

What is stage 5 prostate cancer?
There is no stage 5 in cancer, there are only stages 1 thru 4. Stage 4 (orIV) cancers have metastasized. Which means that they have spread to other organs or throughout the body.

Gilda Radner stage of cancer?
Assuming you're asking what stage Gilda's cancer was at when it was diagnosed, the answer is stage IV (4)...the worst possible stage. She died on May 20th, 1989.

What is life expectancy of metastatic cancer?
Metastatic cancer is always stage 4. Stage 4 cancer is usually fatal. The life expectancy varies depending on type of cancer and which organs are effected. Doctors try not to give out life expectancies.

What is the prognosis for Metastasised breast cancer in bones?
Prognosis:Metastatic breast cancer isn't the same for everyone who has it. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), your symptoms at stage 4 will depend on the degree to which the cancer has spread in your body. Although metastatic breast cancer has no cure, it can be treated. Receiving proper treatment can increase both your quality of life and your longevity. Metastasised: To understand the prognosis for stage 4 breast cancer, it helps to...

When Jay Monahan was diagnosed with colon cancer what stage was it?
Stage 4: it was in his liver.

What happen what Colon Cancer has reached stage 4?
Colon cancer has reached stage 4 after metastasizing to distant organs. The liver is often an area where the cancer tends to migrate per a National Cancer Institute's article noting 50% of cases.

What are the symptoms of Stage 4 Cancer?
The symptoms for stage 4 cancer are extreme fatigue, weight loss, agitation and irritability, hallucinations, low body temperature, and loss of appetite.

Does chemotherapy work on stage 4 cancer?
Stage IV cancer indicates a significantly advanced and sometimes spread-out cancer. Survival is highly limited in the frist place; chemotherapy might have some chance, but this is much reduced from for example a Stage I or Stage II.

What are the stages of cervical cancer?
Stage 0 Also called carcinoma in situ, stage 0 means that cancerous cells that have not invaded deeper tissues. The cells are superficial and are only found on the surface. Stage I In stage I, cancerous cells have invaded the cervix, and cells are no longer just at the surface. Cancer is still confined to the cervix and has not spread. * Stage IA: This is the earliest form of stage I cervical cancer. The...

How long does a patient with stage 4 cancer live?
A patient with stage 4 cancer will live varying amounts of time. How long they live depends on if their cancer is treatable or not, and IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü fiyat where the cancer is located. Some may live weeks, others may live years.

What is the prognosis of groin cancer in a man stage 4?
Stage 4 cancers are very difficult to treat successfully. The reason for this is that the cancer has typically become widespread by the time a stage 4 diagnosis is reached. The prognosis is not extremely positive at this point, but successes have happened.

What's the difference of a level 4 colon cancer from level 4 rectal cancer?
The severity(spread of cancer) of the disease is same at stage 4, no matter if it is large intestine or rectal cancer.

What is the difference between the 4 stages of cancer?
Stage 1: The cancer cells have begun to form. The tumor is small and iqos 3 multi Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü confined to the organ of origin. Stage 2: The cancer cells are still confined to the organ of origin, but have grown in size. Localized treatment is necessary. Stage 3: The cancer cells have begun to spread to the tissue around the organ. However, they have not affected any other organs yet. A more systematic treatment is necessary, such as chemotherapy...

What is the latest most successful treatment for stage 4 lung cancer?
When you reach stage 4 in any cancer that is pretty much it. If it has gone that far it usually is in other parts of the body from where it started.

What are the signs and symptoms of stage 4 colon cancer?
The signs and symptoms of stage 4 colon cancer are the same as the signs and symptoms for any stage colon cancer. Some of these symptoms are blood in bowel movements, change in bowel movements like diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, and unexplained weight loss.

Can breast cancer be treated in third stage?
You know, there are no guarantees in this. You have to believe it can. But just remember Stage 3 isn't Stage 4. If no-one survived Stage 3, it wouldn't be called Stage 4!!

What is stage 4 metastatic breast cancer?
Metastatic breast cancer (also known as stage IV breast cancer) is when the cancer spreads beyond the breasts to other organs in the body (most commonly the brain, bones, and lungs).

What is stage four cancer?
Hi, Cancer has 5 stages. Every Stage is a way for physicians to know how advanced the cancer is and how aggresive is the cancer as well of the treatment. So saying this cancer stage 4 is very aggressive but not unbeatable and all depends where is the cancer and if it spread and again where? and if this is something related to you or somebody that you know; the best answers will come from...

What happens in stage 4 breast cancer?
Stage 4 breast cancer has a lower survival rate than lower stages. When someone has been diagnosed with this stage it means that the original location of the cancer has masticated or spread to other parts of the body. Agressive therapy including chemotherapy and radiation is used to treat it.

Can cervical cancer be cured in it fifth stage?
Cancer is spread through the body in what are considered 4 stages. Think of the body being sectioned into 4 quadrants: the dividing line between Stage I & Stage II being a line that runs from head to abdomen; Stage II & Stage III divided by the diaphragm. Having said that, Stage V does not exist. Cervical Cancer can metastases into Stage IV, wherein remission is harder to bring about, but not necessarily unknown.

Stage 4 brain cancer?
Stage 4 brain cancer does not have a good outlook as far as life expectancy is concerned. Doctors generally give their patients nine to 12 months to live after diagnosis.

How long can you live with no food and water with stage 4 cancer in final stage?
With stage 4 cancer, it is unlikely that a person would live longer than a week without food or water. The food and water is needed to keep the person's strength up.

How did Wilma mankiller die?
From stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Is grade 2 the lowest or highest in breast cancer?
Stage 1 is the lowest and stage 4 as the highest.

Is colon cancer usually a terminal illness?
The survival rate for colon cancer depends on the stage of cancer. For example, in stage 1 the survival rate is 75% and for stage 4 is only 6%. Colon caner is terminal but there is a good survival rate for most stages.

Can a person overcome stage 4 cancer in the liver?
It is possible to survive any of the 4 stages of cancer, but stage 4 is the least likely to survive because the tumor is no longer localized in one place but has metastasized, spawning thousands of small tumors everywhere in the body. Strong chemotherapy is usually required to treat stage 4 cancer (and some of the toxic drugs used for chemotherapy can kill you faster than the cancer itself if they are not carefully...

How do you get cancer?
Cancer can strike any gender or IQOS Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü age group. Depending on the cancer type, various cancer treatments may be initiated in an effort to eradicate or kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy treatment, radiotherapy treatment, and breast cancer surgery are the most common types of treatments that battle multiple forms of cancer. However, cancer treatments vary according to the stage of cancer is discovered, as well as location and overall health of the patient. Cancer staging is typically...

What is maximum life span for someone with stage 3 stomach cancer?
When someone is diagnosed with cancer of any type, the doctor usually provides a numerical stage number. Stage 1 is the least invasive type of cancer and is generally considered to be an early stage. Hence, stage 4 is just the opposite, normally describing cancers that are rather invasive or progressed. Therefore, stage 4 cancers are generally discussed in conjunction with anticipated life expectancy questions

Is chemotherapy is the last stage of cancer?
Absolutely not. Chemotherapy is usually the first stage of treatment depending on the stage of the cancer. Tumor IQOS Heets Amber Sigara Tütünü type cancers are "staged" 1 being the least advanced, 4 being the most advanced.

What is the prognosis for stage 4 bladder cancer?
Patients who have stage 4 bladder cancer have a low survival rate. The treatment includes chemotherapy, radical cystectomy, external-beam radiation therapy and urinary diversion or cystectomy .

What types of cancer can you get from smoking?
Lip, tongue, other parts of the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach and lung are the most common. Smoking can cause, mouth, lung, eye, heart, and all sorts of different types of cancer. Lung cancer is the biggest risk. You can also get mouth, eye, heart, and a hole in your throat. 1: Lung cancer. 2: Throat cancer. 3: Heart cancer. 4: Eye cancer. 5: Mouth cancer. My best advise to you is not to smoke. Cigarette...

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