What is the French for cigarette

Cigarette or iqos ukrayna iqos zararlari fag = une cigarette iqos zararlari (the word "cigarette is already a French word)

How do you say time for a cigarette in french?
You can say "une pause cigarette" in French.

What does cigeratte mean in French?
cigarette (French)= cigarette (English) = those things you smoke ^^'.

What is the french word for a cigarette holder?
"un porte-cigarette"

How do you say im going for a cigarette in french?
Je vais pour une cigarette.

What is a popular French cigarette?
Gitanes Gauloises

What are the French cigarette brands?
Gitanes Gauloises

Who invented the cigarette dispensing machine?
a french soulja

What is a good french cigarette brand?
Gauloises and Gitanes

Where does Frenchy from Grease get her nickname?
She says it is from French inhaling a cigarette

Where does the word cigarette come from?
A cigarette (French " iqos sigara small cigar", from cigar + -ette) is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacc0. * website

How do you you say lets go have a cigarrette in french?
'allons avoir une cigarette'

What is 'Vous êtes un mégot' when translated from French to English?
Vous êtes un mégot! in French is "You are a cigarette butt!" in English.

Does Canada import tobacco?
Yes as a matter of fact, Since some parts of Canada speak primarily French, some cigarette and smokeless tobacco labels are in French.

What are the attitudes cigarette smoking in France versus Americas?
Smoking is a part of the French culture. A large percentage of the French population smokes, and people don't really care if its bad for them.

Is cigarette masculine ou féminine in french?
Feminine; as a general rule, words that end with "ette" or "enne" or "emme" are feminine

What types of cigarettes are there?
305s 520 (cigarette) Army Club (cigarette) Ashford (cigarette) Backwoods Smokes Basic (cigarette) Belomorkanal (cigarette) Benson & Hedges Camel (cigarette) Capri (cigarette) Capstan (cigarette) Cobra (cigarette) Craven A Davidoff Death (cigarette) Double Happiness (cigarette) Du Maurier (cigarette) Dunhill (cigarette) Elixyr Embassy (cigarette) Eve (cigarette) Export (cigarette) F6 (cigarette) Fatima (cigarette) Gauloises Gitanes Gold Flake HB (cigarette) Hongtashan Java (cigarette) John Player & Sons Kent (cigarette) King's (cigarette) Kool (cigarette) L&M LD (cigarette) Lambert & Butler Laramie...

What was the cause of the 1949 French bush fire?
The cause of the 1949 French bush fire was that a cigarette butt was not put out properly. It ended with the biggest forest fire in France, which claimed 82 lives.

The movie Grease how did Frenchy get her nickname?
She got her nickname because she could inhale cigarette smoke through her nose (French smoking).

What is 'mégot' when translated from French to English?
"Cigarette butt" is an English equivalent of the French word mégot. The masculine singular noun may come after the masculine singular definite article le since French uses "the" where English does and does not employ it. The pronunciation will be "mey-go" in French.

Which brand French cigarettes do they smoke in the movie An Education?
The coloured cigarettes that the girls smoke in 'An Education' are not actually French - they're cocktail Sobranies, a Russian brand of cigarette. website

Does -ette mean half?
No. It is French diminutive suffix meaning "little." Nouns suffixed with -ette are feminine in French, even if the un-suffixed word is masculine. Le cigar becomes la cigarette.

How do you know if a french word is feminine or masculine?
Words ending with an additional 'e' following accented 'e' - é, ette, elle and many more are mostly categorized as feminine words, there are some exceptions. Feminine words in french: Cigarette - cigarette Epée - sword Jumelle - twin (females) or (Jumelles) binoculars Piqure (the 'u' is circumflex accent) - prick or sting Masculine words in french: Ange - angel Civet - stew Ballon - ball (sport)

Is it true that 1 stick of french fries is equivalent to 1 stick of cigarette?
No. Potatoes (the made ingredient in french fries) do not have the carcinogenic potential of tobacco. If one was to eat a cigarette, it would result in nausea, vomiting and possibly death due to nicotine poisoning. On the plus side, cigarettes have not been proven to raise cholesterol levels while french fries are known to do so. All in all, smoking 20 cigarettes per day would most likely be more detrimental to one's health than...

What is the difference between a cigarette and a cigarette butt?
The difference is semantics. A cigarette is unsmoked. A cigarette butt is the remains of a smoked cigarette, essentially the filter and residual tobacco or just the filter.

What is the healthiest cigarette?
The healthiest cigarette is a cigarette which has not been smoked or lighted up

What is an old cigarette called?
A stale cigarette. A stale cigarette has no taste whatsoever.

What are the dimensions of a cigarette?
what brand of cigarette??

What is a cigarette dimp?
a cigarette dimp is the filter of a smoked cigarette that has been extinguished in an ashtray normally.

What is 'cigarette' when translated from English to Italian?
"Cigarette" in English means sigaretta in Italian.

What does 2 megots mean in french?
2 mégots means '2 cigarette butts' in French. 'les 2 magots' is a pub on the left bank of the Seine river in Paris, popular with artists . the noun 'magot' means here a species of monkey.

What would be considered to be cigarette accessories?
There are several items that could be considered to be cigarette accessories. Some of these include: cigarette holders, permanent filters, as well as cigarette rollers.

What do you call small leftover piece of cigarette?
Small leftover pieces of cigarette are called cigarette butts.

What does the Green Smoke cigarette have in it?
The Green Smoke cigarette is better than real cigarette, it has no tar in it but does have nicotine.

What is the difference between a cigarrete and a cigarette butt?
A cigarette is the entire object. The cigarette butt is what is left over after you smoke it.

What toxins are in cigarette ashes?
What toxins are in cigarette ashes?

How cigarette gets its name?
cigarette: Small cigar

What is the Spanish word for cigarette?
cigarette = el cigarrillo

What drug is there in a cigarette?
Nicotine is in tobacco which is in a cigarette. This is the drug.

What is inside ash of cigarette?
tobacco is inside the cigarette.

How many ingredients are in a cigarette?
There are 599 ingredients are in a cigarette

Why is cigarette so addicted?
Because of the nicotine in the cigarette

What investigatory project about cigarette?
A paste made out of cigarette buts. Put acetone and the cigarette butt. Mix them.. ;) Thank me later..

How do you replace a cigarette lighter for a B5 2002 VW Passat?
Remove the retaining ring at the top of your 2002 VW cigarette lighter. The cigarette lighter will slide out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the cigarette lighter. Reverse the process to install a new cigarette lighter.

What is a placebo cigarette?
Generally, it is a non-functioning cigarette or cigarette-like device that takes the place of an actual cigarette. They are usually used by smokers in conjunction with other nicotine reducing methods to quit smoking.

What happenes after smoking?
After cigarette 1: Coughing After cigarette 2: A little bit more coughing After cigarette 55442: Lung Cancer

What is the technical term for a marijuana cigarette. Need word for the rolled up cigarette?
The technical term for a joint is a "Marijuana cigarette".

Has Selena gomez ever tried a cigarette?
has selena gomez ever tried a cigarette and are there any pictures of selena trying a cigarette

What causes cigarette buzz?
That would be the nicotine in the cigarette. this answer sucks

How do you make a cigarette in doodle god?
tobacco + paper = cigarette

Do all cigarette bad?
yes, all cigarette bad

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