What physical condition may the liver be in if liver cancer is present

The liver is usually swollen and hard in patients with liver cancer; it may be sore when the doctor presses on it. In some cases, iqos 3 multi heets cesitleri the patient's spleen is also enlarged.

What is the difference between liver cancer and hepatomegaly?
Hepatomegaly is a general term meaning enlargement of the liver, but it does not indicate the cause of enlargement. Liver cancer (hepatic carcinoma) is a malignant condition of the liver. There may be enlaregement associated with it, or the cancerous liver may be of normal size. Liver cancer may be primary, meaning that is where the cancer started, or it may be secondary (metastatic) from the spread of a cancer that started elsewhere.

Why pitbull have genatic problems?
in order to create certain physical and behavioral traits pit bulls have been line bread which is another term for inbreeding, this causes genetic problems such as certain liver condition and Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit Elektronik Sigara cancer.

What considerations determine a patient's fitness for transplant surgery?
the patient's age, general physical condition, diagnosis and stage of the disease. Transplant surgery is not recommended for patients who have liver, lung, or kidney problems; poor leg circulation; cancer

What are the results of a good liver biopsy?
Liver biopsy helps diagnose many liver diseases as well as cancer, infections or the cause of abnormal levels of liver enzymes. A good result shows that none of these problems are present.

Can someone die from a liver disease?
If it has the word "disease" in it, you can die from it. Just use that as a general rule. The liver is a vital part of the body, basic bodily functions are not able to be fulfilled without it. The liver is used to filter out parts of the blood that are not wanted, such as alcohol. A person who is drunk is experiencing an overloaded liver that cannot remove the alcohol before it...

How common is metastatic liver cancer?
The second major category of liver cancer, metastatic liver cancer, is about 20 times as common in the United States as primary liver cancer.

Does lung cancer spread to the liver?
Yes it does, Lung cancer spread to the liver as they are attached causing Liver Lung Cancer.

How long did Joe Frazier live with cancer?
He had liver cancer and he was in serious condition, Joe was 67 years old and lived with his cancer 4-5 weeks than he died so he left pretty fast. :(

When pepople have liver cancer why can't dotors cut that part of the liver out?
because liver cancer is the whole liver not a part of it! Theough,They can replace the liver!

What is the Life expectancy of liver cancer patient?
The life expectancy of a liver cancer patient is dependent upon the progression of the liver cancer. When the liver cancer is caught in the early stages it can be cured, resulting in a long life expectancy.

What is the difference between liver cancer and hepatitis C?
Liver cancer is the result of uncontrolled proliferation of your liver cells. Hepatitis C is a virus which infects your liver cells and can cause cirrhosis and liver failure. Hepatitis C is known to cause liver cancer.

Liver cancer symptoms?
Your liver has absolutely no pain receptors. You have absolutely no idea if you have liver cancer or not. You are lucky if it is caught. However, liver cancer frequently comes with sclerosis. You frequently get sclerosis as a side effect of excess alcohol or as a side effect of Hepatitis B or C. Liver problems show up as a general malaise. That is a symptom of many things. If that is your symptom, it...

When was liver cancer first discovered and who discovered it?
Liver cancer was discovered by Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Is child get affected if father gets liver cancer after the birth of child?
If the child was born and then the father gets liver cancer there would be no reason the kid would get liver cancer. What it could mean is that the fathers side of the familly may have a higher risk of getting liver cancer, maby check in and ask if his parents/grandparants/great grandparents had liver cancer. But no you child will Not get liver cancer just cause the father gets it.

How do you get liver cancer?
Hepatitis virus and drinking alcohol can increase the risk of getting liver cancer. However, the exact cause of most liver cancer cases is unknown.

Cancer in the liver?
Hepatocellular carcinoma is liver cancer. Eighty percent of the cancers that start in the liver are considered Hepatocellular carcinoma.

What color ribbon represents liver cancer?
The jade ribon represents liver cancer.

What causes the noise that can comes from the liver of a liver cancer patient?
The noises that come from the liver of liver cancer patients are caused by the pressure of the tumor on the blood vessels.

What does moderately differentiated liver cancer mean?
Moderately differentiated liver cancer means that the liver cancer is made up of fully mature cells. These mature cells can oftentimes look like normal liver cells.

What are the chances for survival from metastatic liver cancer?
After cirrhosis, metastatic liver cancer is the most common cause of fatal liver disease.

How might physical activity have a negative effect on physical health?
if someone has a medical condition e.g heart failure, liver failure or sever athsma it could be damaging. sunburn

Is hepatitis c a liver cancer yes or no?
No, it is a viral infection. However it can cause liver cancer.

What is the cause of primary liver cancer?
The exact cause of primary liver cancer is still unknown.

What diseases are caused by alcohol abouse?
Liver disease , mouth cancer, breast cancer and impotence Liver disease , mouth cancer, iqos fiyat breast cancer and impotence

If they saw positive cancer tracers in my blood and they traced it to my liver but my liver is ok but I still have positive cancer tracers then do I have cancer somewhere else?
You may. If the cancer originated in the liver and the carcinoma cells are being found in the bloodstream, then the cancer from the liver has already metastasized and is moving around through the entire system. These metastasized cancer cells may 'stick' in other sites.

What tests are performed to diagnose liver cancer requiring a hepatectomy?
physical examination blood tests computed tomagraphy (CT) scan ultrasound test

What causes liver cancer?
liver cancer is caused by drinkind too much liquor or alcohol poisoning

Why is liver cancer often initially diagnosed?
The early symptoms of primary, as well as metastatic, Vaporesso elektronik sigara likiti Sigara liver cancer are often vague and not unique to liver disorders.

What happens if you have liver cancer?
you must get a liver transplant

What type of cirrhosis is also known as portal cirrhosis?
There is nothing as portal cirrhosis. There is a condition called as portal hypertension. In cirrhosis of liver you have signs of portal hypertension as well as of liver failure present in a given patient.

What are the long term affects of hepatitis?
There are rarely long-term affects associated with hepatitis A. May develop liver problems including liver failure and cancer of the liver. Chronic Hepatitis, liver failure and liver cancer.

Which genes are present in your liver cells?
All your genes are present in your liver cells

Symptoms of liver cancer?
Some symptoms include, abdominal pain, may radiate to the back as well. Jaundice, unexplained weight loss and aspire elektronik sigaralar an enlarged liver. There may even be a fever present. Not everyone gets the same symptoms.

What are some ways you can get liver cancer?
Hepatitis C, C or B or many STDs or too much alcohol can damage the liver and produce cancer of the liver.

What is necessary to make a definitive diagnosis of a primary liver cancer?
A sample of liver tissue for biopsy is needed to make the definitive diagnosis of a primary liver cancer.

What is the difference between liver cancer and liver cihrossis?
Liver cancer, like any cancer, is a proliferation of malignant cells which can migrate to other parts of the body, causing further cancerous tumors. (i.e new cancerous cells are developing in the liver and progressively hindering liver function). Whereas liver cirrhosis is a progressive scarring of the existing liver tissue, to the extent that liver function is severely compromised.

What kind of cancer did Edith Piaf have?
Liver cancer

Can a some one with liver cancer consume salted cod?
Someone with liver cancer can consume salted cod. However, it is important that someone with liver cancer be careful about their salt intake. Speak to their doctor about a recommended diet.

What is a long lasting liver problem?
liver cancer XD

How long to live with SECONDARY liver cancer?
Secondary liver cancer is much more common than other forms of liver cancer. Each person is different, Vaporesso Revenger 220W Kit Elektronik Sigara but one can expect to live can only be based on general health, how much of the liver has been affected, whether or not the cancer has spread, and the treatment options you have been given.

Lung cancer spread to liver how long can you live?
how long are you expected to live once lung cancer has spread to the liver

What is the ICD 9 code for colon cancer with metastasis to the liver?
ICD-9 code for colon cancer metastized to liver

How many deaths are there from liver cancer?
As of 2008, liver cancer claims the lives of around 700,000 people a year. This makes it the third leading cause of cancer death, followed only by lung cancer and stomach cancer.

Why is a Terminal cancer person throwing up green vomit?
it is bile often when they have liver cancer this shows up.... and is present in the last days before death... my mom died two days after she started vomiting a greenish color....

Smoking causes what kind of cancer?
Tongue, mouth, throat, esophageal, lung and stomach cancer. It has been implicated in others, including liver and kidney, but the statistics are questionable at present. More study is needed. We think the above are enough.

What is the condition when fat builds up on the liver?
liver produces fats,if intake is more than consumption,then it accumilates in the liver /body causing a condition called "fatty liver:

Is Liver cancer treatable?
Liver cancer is very serious and depending on the stage of cancer, it might be able to be turned around. Chemotherapy and alternative treatments could help.

What is the goal in treatment most liver cancer patients?
For many patients, treatment of liver cancer is primarily intended to relieve the pain caused by the cancer but cannot cure it.

What has the author Benjamin J Valverde written?
Benjamin J. Valverde has written: 'Liver cancer' -- subject(s): Etiology, Therapy, Liver, Cancer, Diagnosis, Liver Neoplasms

If you stop drinking alcohol does your liver get better?
The liver is able to regenerate. it depends on how damaged your liver is before you stop drinking alcohol. so in mild liver damage yes. Liver cancer tends to occur in individuals who have stopped drinking. The typical pattern is is that an individual with alcoholic cirrhosis stops drinking for ten years or so and then develops liver cancer. It is somewhat unusual for an actively drinking alcoholic to develop liver cancer. What happens is...

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