What state has the cheapest cigarettes

India has the cheapest cigarettes

What state sells the cheapest Marlboro cigarettes?
North Carolina

What state is the cheapest to buy cigarettes?
i think in Oklahoma. just go to a native American store they don't have taxes on cigarettes there.

What is the cheapest state to buy cigarettes?
Across the United States a pack of cigarettes costs between $4.70 and $12.00. As of 2013, the cheapest state to buy a pack of cigarettes from is West Virginia, where the average pack costs between $4 and $5 a pack. The most expensive states to purchase a pack of cigarettes from are the states of Hawaii, Washington, and New York. See the related link below.

Cheapest brands of cigarettes in Ontario?
The cheapest pack of cigarettes in Ontario ViceRoys at 7.46 per pack.

Cheapest place to buy cigarettes in Louisville KY?
cheapest place to buy cigarettes in louisville kentucky

What is the cheapest state on the east coast to buy Marlboro Cigarettes?
3.69 a pack marlboro here in louisiana south-EAST coast though

What is the cheapest pack of cigarettes?
the cheapest pack of cigarettes sold here in central California is Pokers! 2.00 a pack for the tax hike the will take affect in April 1sth of 2009

Where can you buy the cheapest cigarettes in us?
Steal from parent

What's the cheapest cigarettes?
The ones you make by your self.

What are the cheapest brand IQOS Heets Parliament Sigara heets parliament Sigara Tütünü of cigarettes in Edmonton Alberta Canada?
Rothmans Inc. and Imperial Tobacco are some of the companies that make the cheapest brand of cigarettes in Edmonton Alberta Canada. The Olds brand is such an example.

How much is the cheapest packet of cigarettes?
It costs 85¢ at a gas station.

What are the cheapest cigarettes in Texas?
The Cheapest Pack of Cigarettes in Texas are Timeless Time cigarettes. They Sell between $3.29 to $3.49. They are only found in privately owned Gas Stations. You cannot find them at VALERO CORNER STORES or WAL-MART. Only privately owned stores. They are a Premium Cigarette at a CHEAP CHEAP price.

How much does the cheapest packet of cigarettes cost in Ireland in 2008?
6Euro for 10 Benson

Price of cigarettes in turkey?
Most expensive cigarette is 6,50 TL. The cheapest is 2,65 .

How much are Marlboro cigarettes in Arizona?
about $64 a carton at circle k which is probably the cheapest

What is the cheapest state to purchase cigarettes in the U.S.?
ND is pretty cheap, not sure about montana. but i would safely say that is would be one of the states in the upper mid-west. in ND Marlboro are about $3.45, Camels about $3.25

Where can you buy vogue cigarettes?
The cheapest place found was (see Related Links) .They sell Vogue also.

What can you smoke if you do not have a cigarette?
E cigarettes steam based nicotine supplements the cheapest i have found is 22 dollars

What is the legal age to sell cigarettes in the state of Michigan?
i think you have to be 18 the sell cigarettes in the state of Michigan

State law on selling loose cigarettes?
What is the offence for selling loose cigarettes

How much do cigarettes cost in Rhode Island?
Cheapest gas station Ive found charges $8 for a pack of Marlboro

What state has the cheapest Newport cigarette prices?
hello,if u want to buy cheapest cigarettes,u can go shoping online,but there are so many scams online,so u can go to the website to see whether the website u come is a scam or not!i will suggest u some good websites: website , website website

Can you mail cigarettes from one state to another?
Someone told me it was illegal to mail cigarettes?

How much does one pack of cigarettes cost?
It depends on where you live. State taxes on cigarettes differ from state to state. In Ohio, I've gotten a pack of cigarettes for about $3.45; but here in Michigan it averages at about $5.50-$6.00. This answer might be invalid soon as the federal tax for cigarettes is sky-rocketing soon. On Indian Reservations, iqos at Airports or online you can find duty free cigarettes, at low prices

Where can you buy cigarettes that are not fire safe?
The best and cheapest place is azcigs (see Related Links). Try Cigarette House. Or Cigarettes-Buy. Or Cigarette Store. Cartons 4 Free. they supposedly sell cigs that are not the FSC.

How much is a carton of pall mall cigarettes in GA?
Here in lawrenceville they go for about 36 bucks. If you have a cvs near by they're cheapest there.

Where is the cheapest place to buy cigarettes?
In North America its typically cheapest to acquire legal tobacco for personal consumption at a native reserve where they are exempt from Federal and State/Provincial tax processes. You are still required by law to contribute the correct tax to the various government layers on your own accord. Growing your tobacco is simply a time and effort cost in most areas. Check your local laws.

How much is cheapest carton of cigarettes in Pa?
$53.00-$55.00 You'd be better off finding an Indian Reservation and getting them for $14.35 a carton.

How much does 20 cigarettes cost a day?
The price of 20 cigs (one pack) varies by state and city. Those 20 cigs will cost you 11 bucks in Chicago and 15 bucks in NYC. But I believe the cheapest pack price in the nation is 3 bucks in Missouri.

Why is Florida the cheapest state to buy a new car?
It's not the cheapest state to buy a new car in. Florida ranks 3rd. The cities of Tampa/Orlando, Fla, and Miami, Fla, rank 1st as a city but the cheapest state overall is Maryland followed by Virginia, and then Florida.

What state sells non-fsc cigarettes?
Non-fsc cigarettes are no longer sold in the U.S.A.

How many packs of cigarettes can you bring across any state legally?
how many carton of cigarettes can any aduilt can bring home across state lines leagelly

Are inmates allowed cigarettes from out of state?
No, inmates are not allowed cigarettes from out of state. This is something that is frowned upon, and if an inmate is caught, they can face additional time in most prison facilities.

Which state is the cheapest state to buy a new car?
Florida Miami

Which state has the cheapest fee to start an LLC?
it looks like Colorado fee is the cheapest at 50.00 Dtizzle

What is the cheapest state in the US in which to live?
tennesse No sir, Tennessee is NOT the cheapest state to live in. I moved from Mississippi to TN and have found the cost of living to be WAY more in TN.

How many cartons of cigarettes can you bring into NY state from another state?
I have searched all over for this, and found the following (NY CG-15): The cigarette use tax imposed pursuant to Tax Law section 471a must be paid by any person who uses (i.e., possesses, stores, retains, imports, etc.) cigarettes in the state, not including possession for IQOS Heets Purple Sigara Tütünü sale, on which the cigarette tax has not been paid and where the use of the cigarettes is not exempt from Tax Law Article 20. Exemptions: The applicable New...

What is the price of a carton of marlboro cigarettes?
A regular 20 pack of Marlboro cigarettes' cost around $5.75 (approximate). So an average carton is $5.75 x 10 packs = $57.50. This can vary greatly from state to state, depending on taxes placed on cigarettes.

What stores can I buy slate cigarettes at in Louisiana?
You can buy slate cigarettes in Somerset, KY, but there are no stores listed in the state of Louisiana.

How much is a carton of cigarettes in Pennsylvania?
A carton of cigarettes in the state of Pennsylvania can vary in price. It can go for $50-$60/a carton.

How much did a packet of cigarettes cost in 1973?
A pack of cigarettes in 1973 cost $.33 which includes tax. Because taxes vary from state to state, the price would vary as well.

Can a person buy cigarettes in North Carolina with a out of state id?
If the ID appears to be real (another State Driver's License, Passport, State ID, etc.), then the vendor has no cause to not sell you cigarettes. The final decision is however, the vendor's.

How much are cigarettes in Washington state?
Like about 8.60

How much is the cheapest carton of cigarettes at Costco in Calgary AB What brand and how much I have a member ship card?
Costco does not list the cost of a carton of cigarettes at any of their Calgary, AB, locations. If you have a membership card, you can call one of the three locations for brand and pricing information.

What is the Cheapest state to buy a house?
there no real answer to this question. Its really your opinion. Whats cheapest to you. And what may fit you budget or salary

Is it illegal to mail cigarettes from one state to another?
It is illegal to mail cigarettes to the US unless they were specifically produced to be used in the US.

Can you use your school id to buy cigarettes?
You cannot buy cigarettes with your school ID. You need a state ID or a legal ID.

What is the age to buy cigarettes in the US?
This is defined by State Law not Federal Law and so varies from State to State.

How much are cigarettes in Milwaukee WI?
I'm close to Milwaukee and the cheapest I've found them is at Kwik Trip. I smoke Virginia Slims and they're $7.80 a pack, with tax.

What is the cheapest brand of cigarettes in MA and how much for IQOS Heets Bronze Sigara Tütünü a pack?
Mustang are always advertised at about $6 bucks and sometimes just under. Newports are usually most expensive at $8.60ish.

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